tennis ball machine rental

Silent Partner Edge Star

Monday-Friday:  8am-9am; 4pm-6pm; 8pm-10pm

Saturday and Sunday:  8am-9am; 1pm-10pm

Available to book with a reservation on Courts 5, 6 or 7

$25.00 per hour

ball machine

When you book the appropriate court (5, 6 or 7) at the allowed time, you will be able to select a reservation type called: "Practice (includes rental ball machine)". The ball machine will automatically appear as "Ball Machine - Silent Partner Edge Star" (if it is available at that time) and be attached to your reservation as shown in the picture below. If the ball machine does not appear, this indicates that it is not available at that time (either because another member has reserved it or because your request is not for an appropriate court at an allowed time).

ball machine booking computer

The $25 charge will be added to your CourtReserve account.

The machine should be picked up from the Court Captain at the beginning of your reservation time and returned at the end. Please roll the machine down/up the ramp at the club house and do not attempt to carry it or roll it down/up the steps.

The machine uses special pressureless balls (yellow and green). Please be sure all the balls are picked up and back in the hopper when you return it.

The machine is battery powered and does not require an electrical cord while it is being used.

Please be sure to read the Ball Machine USER MANUAL (click here) prior to your court time. A copy of this manual is also available at the club for your reference, but we encourage you to read it beforehand.