March Tennis Club

Find A Partner

If you are new to the March Tennis Club, or you are a returning member and just looking for other members to play a match with, we offer several suggestions to you:


Every Wednesday evening, from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm, we have a round-robin that is open to all adult members. The level of play in these round-robins tends to range from intermediate to advanced.

Pairing for the round-robin is done randomly by the court captain before the event begins. Four courts are used for a 2-hour period. Three matches are played for 40 minutes each, or whichever team wins the set (the set is a regular 6-game set). In general, the winners move up a court, and the losers move down a court. Over time, there will be a “seeding” that becomes apparent, and the stronger players will start on Court 1 and weaker teams on Court 4.

Sign up for these Round Robins at least 24 hours in advance through your MTC Court Reserve account.


For members who enjoy some friendly competition, we offer two LADDERS.... One for Beginners and one for Intermediate/Advanced players.

Members of each ladder play against each other, working their way toward the top by challenging other players who are ranked similarly to themselves. If they win, they move up.

The beauty of a tennis ladder is that it allows players of similar ability to challenge one another and challenge better players as they improve and move up the rankings.

There is a $20.00 fee to participate in the ladder to cover the cost of the online tool that we use to manage ladder activity.

You can join our ladder system HERE.

intersquad doubles

If you are a senior player (no specific age restriction is enforced), we have an informal group who play doubles matches every weekday and Saturday morning. This group is organized by member volunteer Prakash Tejwani. If you are interested, you can contact him at [email protected].


Joining one of the many instructional programs offered at the club is a great way to meet other members and find playing partners. These programs are offered by Adamson’s Tennis Academy, and you can see the details and register at


Player Matchmaker is a feature of our online court booking system that allows members to create individual OPEN court reservations that other members will see and can join. It is used when one player wants to reserve a court and allow other players to join them for social play.

When you establish a Matchmaker reservation, you indicate the type of match you are looking for: 1) singles or doubles, 2) practice, recreational or advanced, and 3) beginner, intermediate, or advanced. You can even indicate whether you would like to play with a male or a female.

For more information on Match-Maker, CLICK HERE.