March Tennis Club

Booking Rules and Regulations

In order to provide fair and equitable court time to our entire diverse membership base, we have adopted the following booking rules and regulations:

  1. Individual members may book:
    1. Up to two (2) court times per day
    2. Up to fourteen (14) court times per week, subject also to 1a above
  2. Members of the same family may book:
    1. Up to four (4) court times per day, subject also to 1a above
    2. Up to twenty-four (24) court times per week, subject also to 2a above
  3. Members may book up to 73 hours (3 days + 1 hour) in advance of the start of the court time.
  4. Bookings with the same member of the court must have at least a one-hour buffer between them.
  5. Multiple bookings may not be made for the same time slot unless completely different members of a family membership are on each court.
  6. The maximum time that a member may be on the court at one time is 120 minutes unless you are participating in a club program.
    1. If you have been on the court for your booked reservation time, there is a court available, and the club is not busy, you may request that the court captain extend your time. This must be done at the end of the first booking and not at the beginning.
  7. Standard memberships cover a maximum court time of 90 minutes per booking. This can be extended to 120 minutes with an additional fee (per booking).
  8. The members listed on the booking at the start of the court time must be the members who actually go to the court and who are on that court for the entire length of the booking. If a member included on an advance booking is unable to play and you find a substitute, you must modify the booking before you check in at the club.
    1. A member who has already reached their appropriate individual/family limit may not be a substitute.
  9. If the person you are playing with is a guest and not a current member, you must include that guest’s name on your booking and incur the $15.00 guest fee for that booking.
  10. A member or guest who is not included in the booking may not go on the court.
  11. If a member would like additional court time that would exceed these limits, he/she may come to the club, and if there is a court available and the club is not busy, the court captain may be able to accommodate you.
  12. Advance bookings for practice time with only one member on the court will be possible from time to time during non-peak times. However, if you arrive at the club when it is not busy and there is a court available, the court captain may be able to accommodate you.
  13. Please make every attempt to book on the hour. In any case, do not:
    1. Book in the middle of an available two-hour time slot
    2. Ieave 15-minute gaps
    3. Book with a 15 or 30-minute gap between the end of your booking and our 11:00 pm close time (if possible).
  14. We realize that plans change in these busy times. And that things happen that are beyond your control, like health changes, the weather, etc. However, if you cannot play at a time you have reserved, please cancel your reservation at least eight (8) hours in advance to allow other members access to that court time.
    1. A reservation that is cancelled with less than an eight (8) hour notice is deemed a “penalty cancellation.” The booking system tracks your total number of penalty cancellations, and if the number gets too high (5 or more in a season), your advance booking privileges will be suspended, and you will have to email us. ([email protected]) to request reinstatement. We request that you cancel as early as you possibly can.
  15. Please only book court time that you fully intend to use and that you are 100% certain will fit your schedule.
  16. Do not book with a partner until you have verified that the partner can play at that time.
  17. If you want to change the time or court that you have booked, please EDIT your existing reservation rather than cancelling and re-booking.
  18. If your financial account with the club is past due, your booking privileges will be suspended until you bring your account current.
  19. We reserve the right to:
    1. Modify any booking that does not comply with these rules
    2. Move a booking 15 or 30 minutes in either direction to better utilize court time
    3. Refuse to make an on-site change to a booking that does not comply with the rules
  20. It is the court captain’s responsibility to interpret and enforce these rules and to approach you if they believe you are not in compliance. Their decision is always final. Any degree of abusive or aggressive behaviour towards the court captain will not be tolerated for any reason and could result in the suspension or revocation of your membership.