If you are new to the March Tennis Club, or you are a returning member and just looking for other members to play a match with, we suggest you try MTC MatchMaker. This program is designed to make it easier for members to find playing partners.

Although some elements of MatchMaker are similar to the MTC Ladder, it serves a different sub-set of our membership. The Ladder is competition based, primarily oriented to intermediate and advanced players. Results and standings are public, and members “challenge” each other. Match-Maker is individual and private; more oriented to recreational play, exercise and meeting new members. With Match-Maker, you can be very selective about the profile of the person that you want to play with, which is not possible with the ladder.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A PARTNER(S) FOR A MATCH, the process starts just like the regular court reservation process, and then continues as follows:

1.  Log-on to your CourtReserve account

2. Go to the court reservation screen

3. Click on RESERVE for your desired time and court

4. Select the RESERVATION TYPE: Singles or Doubles

5. Select the DURATION of the reservation

6. Click on OPEN RESERVATION at the bottom of the screen

7. Set your criteria for the match and for the player(s) that you are looking for:

Match Type:  Practice, Recreational, Competitive

Gender Restriction:  No gender restriction, Either male or female, Male only, Female only

Eligible Experience Category (more than one can be selected):  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

The Minimum and Maximum number of players you are willing to accept before the match is considered finalized by the system. This is defaulted at two (2) for singles and four (4) for doubles. However, if you are willing to play a three person doubles match, you can select three (3) as the maximum. The match can then be finalized by the initiator if only two others join before it expires.

The Minimum and Maximum age of the player(s)

8. There is also an optional area to enter more text information about “what you are looking for” in the match.

9. Click SAVE

Once you have SAVED the reservation, the court will be reserved and the match will be listed as an OPEN MATCH in CourtReserve. Other members may then view the open matches and join a match of their choice. When another member joins a match that you initiated, you will be notified.

In order to ensure proper court utilization, a match-maker match that has not had the minimum number of players join four (2) hours prior to the time that the match is set to begin, will automatically expire/cancel. When this happens, the initiator and other members who have joined are notified.

IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE CURRENT OPEN MATCHES FOR WHICH OTHER MEMBERS ARE LOOKING FOR A PARTNER(S), you can click on VIEW AVAILABLE MATCHMAKER MATCHES in the BOOK A COURT section of your CourtReserve account. When you find one that matches what you are looking for, you can click on JOIN and you will join the reservation for that match. You will get a confirmation email. Open matches are also shown on the court booking screen. If you don’t see one that matches what you are looking for, just initiate an open match yourself.

If you have any questions about MatchMaker, or have any confusion about the directions above, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected].

We are very excited to offer this new feature to our members. One of the most frequently asked questions we get from members is “How do I find people to play with?” This is your answer. The more members who use MatchMaker, the more benefit it will provide.

Try it out soon!!!