CLUB OPENING UPDATE: (Posted Wednesday, May 20, 2020)

After meeting with City of Ottawa officials and other member clubs in Ottawa last evening, we are very happy to share with you that we will be OPEN for MEMBERS ONLY SINGLES PLAY tomorrow Thursday, May 21st. This is great news, but it comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility as one of the first sports to re-open during COVID 19.  This initial stage of opening comes with the following guidelines that we expect ALL our members to follow in order to adhere to physical distancing and safe play guidelines: * ONLY SINGLES PLAY - which means only two people per court at all times * MEMBERS ONLY * ONLY DAYTIME play - no lights * Deck, Clubhouse and washrooms are closed * No lessons with hoppers and no hoppers allowed * No Ball Machines * No loitering at the courts - this means you show up right before you play and leave as soon as you are finished * Limit play to one hour when busy * Wait in your car if courts are full * No benches, garbage receptacles (please take your garbage home) or brooms will be provided on the courts * Players are strongly encouraged to please not touch of net posts, gate doors etc. We know that for some of you these guidelines are not ideal, however all the clubs were reminded by the City that it is a privilege that tennis is among the first sports to open. We also suspect that in the coming days/weeks we will be able to loosen if not all, then some of these guidelines. How we comply with initial guidelines from club to club will greatly impact any potential further re-opening of facilities such as we all have a role to play in this! The City of Ottawa By-Law department will be monitoring all City facilities and will be educating and ticketing when necessary. With that being said, we will not be collecting memberships until June 1st this year and at that time we will have a Court Captain on duty at all times. In order to support our members and their families at this difficult time, we have decided to reduce the planned 2020 membership prices back down to last year's level and eliminate the previously implemented increase. We are also very happy to inform you that we will have a NEW online payment (credit and debit cards) system and court booking system implemented for June 1st to coincide with 2020 membership payment. We will let you know as soon as it is ready so you can log in check it out. If you have already registered through the web site we will transfer your membership to the new system. Thanks for your patience and please enjoy!