2019 Club Championships August 9th-14th

Since the club opened back in 1975, we have been fortunate enough to hold a tournament exclusively for our members. It is a chance for all our members to experience the joy and excitement of the tournament feeling, as well as to see where their game is at with respects to fellow members. It is a week of smiles and laughter along with a chance to enjoy the quality of tennis at the March Tennis Club.


Our ANNUAL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS will run from Aug 9th-14th. We encourage you to participate this year and we can ensure that there is a category for all. Registration is OPEN NOW and close Wednesday Aug 7th at 6pm. We will be having a CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP social on Wednesday Aug 14th to conclude the tournament.

The events will include: (all draws will require a minimum number of participants in order to run)


Junior 13+ Singles

Senior Singles (60+)

Men’s Open Singles
Men’s Open Doubles

Women’s Open Singles

Women’s Open Doubles

Mixed Open Doubles


****Please note that you may register for up to 3 events (ONLY ONE SINGLES EVENT).  However, participants entering 3 categories need to be aware that they will play A LOT of tennis and prepared to do so. If they are capable that is great, if not we encourage you to enter just a maximum of 2 categories. We ask for a full commitment to the days of the tournament when entering as the scheduling becomes complicated with so many categories.

To register for the TOURNAMENT CLICK HERE. We hope it will be a great turn out and a FUN time for all.