Our Fantastic Staff

Hi! My name is Owen Doherty. I’m the head court captain at the March Tennis Club. I’ve been playing tennis at the club since the age of 4 and have been active in the numerous programs here at the club. I’ve been a court captain since the summer of 2018, making it my fifth year as a CC. I’m 19 years old and just completed my first year at the University of Ottawa, studying French. I’m a huge sports fan, avidly following some of my favorite teams like the Ottawa Senators, Toronto Blue Jays and of course, Canadian tennis! I look forward to the summer season as we start what looks to be a very busy year for the club!

Hello! I’m Kenneth Hernandez, one of the several new court captains at the March Tennis Club. I am currently 18 years old and a first-year Film Studies student at Ryerson University/Toronto Metropolitan University. Video production has always piqued my interest since middle school and after being inspired by countless movies as well as falling in love with the creative and collaborative environment, I decided to shoot for the stars and pursue film as a career. Nonetheless, sports have always been a part of my life, having been exposed to several sports growing up such as soccer, basketball, and badminton. Despite not having played tennis before, I’m eager to get on the court eventually, and perhaps play alongside you guys in the future! Thanks for the warm welcome so far and I look forward to meeting more of you soon!

Hi everyone! My name is Amelia, and I’ll be one of your CC’s this year at March Tennis Club! This is my first year at the club! I have a love for all sports, but especially track. I compete mainly in distance events and cross country! I play tennis pretty recreationally, but hopefully I can use my competitive spirit to get to a higher level. I also love cooking and baking, reading, biking and travelling! I’m also currently in Grade 11, my favourite subject right now is chemistry! Hope to see everyone around the courts this summer, looking forward to meeting you all!

Hello! My name is Joshua Salvador but you can call me Josh. I am 18 years old and a first-year computer science student at Carleton University. I’ve played several sports throughout my life such as Hockey, Soccer, Badminton, and Baseball. Sports have always been a big part of my life and I love trying new things. This is my first year getting into tennis and so far it has already become one of my favourite sports. I plan to play more often in the future and maybe even play against one of you! I look forward to this upcoming season, see you all again!

Hi! My name is Abby Doherty and I am one of your returning CC’s this year. I have played at the March Tennis Club for 13 years recreationally and this will be my second year as a court captain. I’m 16 years old and a grade 11 student. I am a competitive hockey player and have played numerous other sports over the years, including softball and curling. I can’t wait to see everyone come out this summer and I’m looking forward to a great year!

Hi! My name is Carter and I will be a court captain at the club this summer. I am going into my second year at Carleton studying economics and this is my 4th year working at the club. I love sports and grew up playing tennis soccer and hockey. I can’t wait for what should be a very busy yet exciting summer!

Hi! My name is Rosalie and I will be court captain this summer at the club! I am a student at Earl of March and this is my 3rd year working at the club. I have be receiving lessons from ATA since I was 7! I love to play tennis in addition to skiing and biking. I am looking forward to a fun summer ahead.

Hi, my names Brendan, and I’m one of the court captains this summer. This is my first summer working at the club, but I grew up playing tennis, as well as a few other sports. Very excited for what the summer has in store at the club!